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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moving Sheet Illusion

VIDEO Real-life Checkers Illusion | Mighty Optical Illusions
Checkers optical illusion, one of the very first illusions to appear on this site, an old time goodie and my personal favorite is blessed with the regular habit. ... So if you were able to pick up the middle square and move it to one of the outside dark squares, they would be 2 different shades, But the trick is ..that when you move the square you are moving it WITH the shadow still printed on the square. So now you've moved it out of its relative area, ...

TheMoneyIllusion » Even if I'm wrong, I'm right
And when printing $100 bills (for 5 cents) and injecting them into the economy might create lots of jobs, and will not increase the national debt, and might reduce the budget deficit, and will definitely move us closer to the ..... They can always use QE to flood banks with cash above their new demand-for-cash, but this is a problematic approach for the Fed's balance sheet (it's an unnecessary expansion of their asset holdings) and it runs the risk of ...

Moving Sheet Illusion
The Design in this image appears to move from middle.Stare the image and you will see it moving properly.

TheMoneyIllusion » Krugman, Keynes, and the MMTers
Surely you know that any argument insulting a state because too many people (including a lot of poor people) are moving there is stupid, right? Treating internal and external migration as some sort of exogenous variable is ridiculous. ..... The SMP is like QE, and inflates the ECB balance sheet. Who could/would force a bankruptcy on the ECB? Through what channel can anyone do this? That threat of default forces fiscal consolidation on the european ...

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