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Friday, August 5, 2011


15 Most Heavily Taxed Countries In The World | The Big Picture
In a poll, 8 out of the 15 countries with the highest taxation have a population that ranks themselves as thriving within a set of parameters not given or defined, and have absolutely NO bearing on how much they pay in ...

$1 c tests for HIV in 15 minutes flat, fits in your wallet ...
Getting tested for STDs used to mean a doctor's visit, vials of blood, and days, weeks, or even months of anxiously waiting for results. mC.

15 Minutes of Fame: Knitting together a gaming life
We're giving each approach its own 15 Minutes of Fame. Yes, grandmas who knit play World of Warcraft, too -- and to prove it, we offer you this week's 15 Minutes of Fame with Pointilliste of Nesingway (US-A). ...

15 Weird and Mysterious Books | Business Pundit
There's an air of mystery to certain books, a thrill of an enigma, a hint of something outside the realm of normality.

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