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Sunday, May 8, 2011

anna kournikova y ass

anna kournikova y ass

fecysaxipy: jordin sparks 2011
Sometimes when I do duty without a gun, I'd get all kinds of wise-ass side remarks about being a rent a cop. when I carried my gun, I got nothing but respect. the "rent-a-cop" remarks stopped. or maybe they just said it very low so I ...
voidyxyde: mike huckabee fat again
The other announcements met or exceeded my expectations, but the iTV just made me wonder why Apple even bothered. It's not a very revolutionary product to warrant a preview. As far as I can tell is its a souped up Airport with HDMI ports that can run Front Row. What can that offer me that a $40 DVD ... After the MS Vista debacle, Steve was handed a CEO's dream to make macs a full contender in the PC arena (or at least a big thorn in the ass) but he chose a different path. ...

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